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Kenward Trust has new team member

15th September 2019 / 

Meet Beau the labradoodle who is helping people transform their lives at Kenward Trust, based in Yalding. The charity works with people to transform their lives from addiction and homelessness and as part of the therapy, Beau has joined the team as a calming influence to help build trust.

Beau arrived at Kenward Trust when he was 13 weeks old and immediately had an affect on residents. Men that had been unable to show their more tender vulnerable side demonstrated these attributes when caring for Beau.   They walk him, groom him, teach him, spoil him and love him and he in return simply loves them back.

Chief Executive, David Philpott said “Kenward Trust has a national reputation for excellence in the field of drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation through innovation and being flexible with our programme for every individual. Adding Beau to the team is a good example of this, and I’m sure he will prove to be a success”.

Project Manager Nicola Boniface said “We hope that he will encourage exercise and responsibility but we really feel he will come into his own when a resident is struggling and can’t open up to staff or even peers. He will be the 3rd medium and through him, stoking him & trusting him, staff and residents may be able to make psychological contact during these really vulnerable times and work on the issues the individuals are struggling with.  Its early days yet and in the meantime he is happy to enjoy the never ending supply of dog treats residents are buying for him.”

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